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Maximizing Services and Minimizing Expenses

UpNext Hospitality Management offers a variety of hotel management services to boost financial returns from day-to-day operations. Our objective is to maximize services and minimize expenses, and we use a unique approach to monitor performance and provide in-depth reports and feedback in all areas of operations. One of the biggest challenges property managers face is streamlining operations. We are here to help with all areas of productivity management and procurement.

Our hotel operations services include:
  • Productivity Management

    Our team helps clients maximize resources using specialized productivity management tools. We use sales and service forecasts to allocate human resources effectively and can also target hours per occupied room, hours per cover, and dollars per server if needed.

  • Procurement

    We have nationally and regionally-negotiated contracts with various vendors to ensure UpNext-managed hotels can obtain quality goods and services at the best price. This allows our property managers to exercise more cost control and better manage the budget.

Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing play an important role in the success of any property. Without a cohesive plan, properties can miss key revenue generation opportunities and lose guests to the competition. We use a multi-faceted approach for sales and marketing initiatives to ensure our associates execute strategies that provide long-term success.

From tapping into strategic marketing partnerships to executing a robust public relations campaign, the UpNext team is here to help your property receive maximum exposure and connect with your target market.

The UpNext Sales & Marketing approach includes:
  • Balancing direct vs. indirect channel sales
  • Maximizing opportunities on the Internet by tapping into online distribution channels and executing eMarketing initiatives
  • Utilizing in-depth knowledge of local market conditions
  • Working closely with group business generators, meeting planners, wholesalers, incentive travel companies, corporate travel departments, and franchise-sponsored marketing programs
  • Deploying marketing campaigns
  • Employing sales incentive programs
  • Establishing a professional sales administrative process
  • Developing effective approaches for prospecting, qualifying, selling, and closing
Worldwide Sales Exposure

UpNext uses Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and the Internet to position our portfolio hotels and major hotel brands on a global scale. We make it easy for business and leisure travelers, meeting planners, travel agents, and wholesalers from around the globe to book the property of their choice. This type of reach allows our Hotels direct access to domestic and international markets.

Strategic Marketing Partnerships

We have formed strategic partnerships with several leading airlines, credit card companies, and rental car companies so that UpNext hotels can promote products and services to very targeted groups and markets effectively.

Customer Loyalty Programs

We have created programs that make it easy for UpNext properties to execute customer loyalty programs where guests enjoy perks such as earning membership points, frequent flyer miles, upgrades, and other items

Public Relations

We have developed robust public relations campaigns in both the online space and offline to ensure our portfolio of properties receives maximum exposure via print and electronic media channels, and in trade and consumer publications.

Co-Op Advertising

We produce and participate in co-op and joint advertising and promotional campaigns on a regional, national, and international scale. We have found this to be a very effective way to promote UpNext properties through both print and electronic media channels.

Joint e-Mail Marketing Campaigns

UpNext Hospitality Management uses a centralized media buying approach to maximize advertising dollars of all hotels. We work closely with hotels to create individual advertising campaigns and assist properties in obtaining the best rates for local advertising initiatives.

Media Purchasing

UpNext uses Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and the Internet to position our portfolio hotels and major hotel brands on a global scale. We make it easy for business and leisure travelers, meeting planners, travel agents, and wholesalers from around the globe to book the property of their choice. This type of reach allows our Hotels direct access to domestic and international markets.

Internet Marketing

UpNext Hospitality Management has developed cohesive online marketing campaigns and strategies to help our properties succeed in the competitive online space. Our methodologies include cutting-edge eCommerce marketing strategies and our internal online marketing team can work with your team to implement the most effective website marketing, email campaigns, and search engine marketing (SEM) initiatives.

In-House Internet Marketing

We have In-House Team with the industry’s best hotel Internet marketing to develop customized marketing programs for all types of properties. Our internal eCommerce team works with leading industry eCommerce management specialists to increase room bookings through online channels and leverage the Internet to improve search engine optimization for property websites.

Our Internet Marketing Services

We believe the success of each hotel depends on a cutting-edge and cohesive online marketing and management approach. We offer a range of online marketing services that allow our properties to tap into key markets and increase online bookings with ease.

Our services include:
  • Custom and Brand Website Design & Development
  • Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) through Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Strategic Partnership Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Social Networking
  • Blogging
  • Web 2.0 Analysis and Consulting

Quality Control Services

UpNext Hospitality Management has established quality control services and systems to help our properties succeed. We perform surveys, audits, and implement programs to monitor operations and ensure continuous quality improvement across departments.

Our services include:
Guest Feedback Program

We have designed a hotel evaluation tool that allows properties to ask guests for feedback; then we use this data to take corrective action when needed. Guest feedback is essential for measuring performance and allows us to make recommendations or suggest initiatives that will improve the guest experience.

Quality Control Services

We take the time to look at hotel operations from the guest’s perspective so that we can make more meaningful customer service change recommendations. We follow the path of the guest from the first encounter through their stay. Details such as how long it takes for a guest services representative to pick up the phone, how clean the rooms are, and whether staff members are wearing name tags are documented for further review. We can also evaluate cash handling, food ticket and beverage controls, and other processes during a quality control auditing phase.

Safety Audits

Our highly-trained loss prevention specialists can evaluate a property for total loss prevention and identify ‘hot spots’ to increase safety measures. We provide all of our hotels with comprehensive loss prevention training programs for hotel managers and line employees. We also provide manuals and programs for ongoing property maintenance.

Manager on Duty Program

UpNext has developed comprehensive and individualized ‘manager on duty programs’ that include a set of policy manuals, procedures, and reports. These programs are a vital component of any hotel management program.

Employee Survey Program

Positive employee morale is linked to positive guest experiences. UpNext Hospitality Management has developed a survey tool that helps hotels gauge employee morale and determine areas of strength and weakness. This information is valuable to general managers and hotel staff working to improve productivity and the customer service experience.

Human Resources

No matter what type of property you manage, managing human resources effectively is essential to the growth of your organization. We help properties identify the best pool of candidates for various employment opportunities and can also assist with training programs, payroll, and benefits packages.

Our services include:
Hiring Resources

UpNext Hospitality Management is staffed with a bilingual and multi-cultural human resources team. We use sophisticated screening tools such as e-Verify to identify prospective associates and communicate with new hires, making it easier than ever to attract and interview quality talent for all types of positions.

Training Resources

Our training programs are designed to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and exceptional service. We provide training resources for new hires, continuing education programs for existing employees, and other training materials to ensure all employees can fulfill their job duties and meet company objectives. We get to know property-level employees on a personal level so that we can understand their needs from a management perspective.

Payroll & Benefit Programs

We have developed comprehensive payroll and benefits programs for franchised and independent properties which allows us to improve operations while minimizing costs

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